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This is rather unusual, because the city's GIS tells us that a BBL + BIN are available -- hence, this must be a valid tax lot. A small number of city property records do have broken identifiers (especially BINs) in some databases, though, so that would be the most likely reason the lookup failed.

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DHCR rent stabilization status

This building is rent stabilized, according to a recent (2015) FOIA request. If you live there, congratulations! However, we encourage you to verify this information with the DHCR directly. You might want to obtain copies of your rent history with them, also.
No rent stabilization information available for this building, according to a recent (2015) FOIA request. So most likely it isn't rent-stabilized.

Registered contacts for this address.
registration id contact id contact name contact type description corporate name business address
NNNNNN NNNNNNNN J. Pierremont Flathead Head Officer CONDO Alternative Tentacles 666 5th Ave, New York, NY 11111
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The NYC Department of Housing, Preservation, and Development (HPD) (or more specifically, its Property Registration Unit) maintains a register of rental properties so that the HPD can reach them in the event of emergency conditions in their buildings. NYC Administrative Code (ยงยง 27-2097 - 27-2109.1) requires owners of buildings with 3 or more rental units (as well as owners of buildings with 1 or 2 units where an owner or family member does not occupy part of the building) to register with the HPD, or face fines or significant restrictions (such as the ability to evict their tenants for non-payment of rent).

Nonetheless, many owners are still not in compliance with this law: by one estimate, only 23 percent of residential properties are in compliance, city-wide. Typically the those buildings not in compliance have 3 units or less; for buildngs with 4 or more units, the compliance rate exceeds 50%, and exceeds 80% for buildings with 50 units or more.